12BET is one of the leading online gaming and betting brands worldwide. Along with this are the rise of websites seeking to scam unsuspecting customers. To address this concern, 12BET has created a page that aims to help players spot a real 12BET website. Please visit 12BET Official Website .
Learn how to differentiate the authentic 12BET website from fake ones.

To ensure that domain and sub domains are legitimately owned by 12BET, all of the key points below must be present:

High Quality Images

12BET ensures to provide the best player experience through high-quality gaming graphics. More...

Redirects to 12BET Website

All real 12BET logo or any other images should always redirect to a 12BET website with all the features above. More...

12BET Does not Authorize its Competitors

12BET is not authorizing any of market competitors to operate on its behalf. More...

How to Identify authentic 12BET APPS from fake ones?
  1. We don’t have any apps available in Android – Play Store and iOS- App Store. Please be aware of scammers!
  2. You can download all of 12BET’s authentic apps from here.
  3. Following apps which are available on Android – Play Store are FAKE.